Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Reddit Maintains Control Of The Hive Mind Through Censorship

Check out these cucks: instead of admitting that they are filtering out certain knowledge from the debate, they style dissenters as the opposition and argue that it is a public service to remove their voices. This is how Reddit maintains control of the hive mind. It creates a strong cultural bias on the site against certain taboo topics, and by doing so, enforces an echo chamber where the users see only the approved narrative wherever they look.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reddit Summarized

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Why The World Is Leaving Reddit Behind

This is a daily event at Reddit: the dominant herd-mind dislikes any idea which is not mentally and morally convenient. It acts as a mob to downvote, report, and otherwise obscure or vandalize those ideas. Reddit is a circle-jerk of people in denial of reality, and they hate it when any realistic or actual data intervenes.

A recent /r/AskReddit thread identified this problem, which many users seem worried about:

As Reddit continues down the path of censorship and groupthink, the power users are going elsewhere, despite having fled to Reddit to get away from the insane bovine circular discussions at Facebook and Twitter.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Modern Cultural Myth of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Jonathan Theodore (2016)

The Modern Cultural Myth of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire explores the idea of the decline and fall of the Roman empire as a myth and archetype more than a discreet event, which makes the book more about us than the past:

This book investigates the ‘decline and fall’ of Rome as perceived and imagined in aspects of British and American culture and thought from the late nineteenth through the early twenty-first centuries. It explores the ways in which writers, filmmakers and the media have conceptualized this process and the parallels they have drawn, deliberately or unconsciously, to their contemporary world. Jonathan Theodore argues that the decline and fall of Rome is no straightforward historical fact, but a ‘myth’ in terms coined by Claude Lévi-Strauss, meaning not a ‘falsehood’ but a complex social and ideological construct. Instead, it represents the fears of European and American thinkers as they confront the perceived instability and pitfalls of the civilization to which they belonged. The material gathered in this book illustrates the value of this idea as a spatiotemporal concept, rather than a historical event – a narrative with its own unique moral purpose.

This is clarified more in a statement from the introduction:

In the literary and cinematic examples cited throughout this book, whether nineteenth-century or twenty-first, the story takes the same essential form. Rome fell because Rome first declined; she declined, because she was tainted from within; and the forces that corrupted her, with some local variation, are those that every society or civilization must hold in check if they are to be spared the consequences which befell the Roman example. Without the utter clarity of this narrative, the story of Rome has no mythological meaning; and no comparative value for the authors who seek a tale about the present as much as the past. It would be only a specialist historical concern; with perhaps some wider, but largely symbolic significance as the “end of an era.” ...The fall of Rome, the causes of its decline, and the universal relevance of the story, have occupied a unique place in the Western mind. As a society, we have shared a common obsession with this fall. It has been valued and exploited as an archetype for every perceived decline, from the political to the theological; and hence as a symbol for the multifarious fears held about society, culture and civilization as a whole. There is a constant representation of Rome in this regard as “a world not unlike our own,” engulfing the myth of Roman decline in a continuum with the current world of the author, and ancient history with perceptions of the present day. The decline and fall is a myth in which a mutually explored aspect of the contemporary world is a recreation of the Roman Empire, in some aspect or form, allowing the same moral force of judgement to apply.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reddit Bans Subreddit Investigating Podesta Emails Link to Pedophilia, But Keeps Pro-Pedo Subreddit /r/pedofriends

Reddit is like a drunk person who ate nothing but chili for days: just when you think the horror is over, it begins anew, and usually gets stinkier over time.

The admins decided it was time to ban /r/pizzagate, a 'subreddit' or channel that is investigating what seems like a series of coded references to pedophilia contained within the emails by Hillary Clinton staffer John Podesta that were released through Wikileaks.

In a private message (on-site email) to the mods of /r/pizzagate, Reddit's admins stated:

We wanted to let you know that after several long discussions on our end we are unable to keep your community open after today. This is because we’re still seeing PII of private individuals continually posted on your subreddit and it’s not being removed by moderators after multiple warnings and discussions with your team. We recognize that you feel this is an important investigation, however as it has become clear that this community is unable to stay within our sitewide rules we will be banning the subreddit at 4:00 PM PST.

The #Pizzagate team has decided on a continuation policy using three contact points:

In the meantime, one alert user noticed something disturbing: while Reddit banned /r/pizzagate for witch hunting, it seems to have no problem being a nexus for pedophiles to meet up, chat and get together for "R4Rs" -- online solicitations to do things for one another, often of a sexual nature.

Redditors quickly identified /r/pedofriends and /r/pedochat (a private, password-protected chat forum) as examples of Reddit covering for pedophiles if not outright enabling them.

No word has come forth from Reddit admins about whether they will continue to tolerate pedophilia. They seem more concerned that a subreddit might identify pedophiles within the US government than that pedophiles use Reddit as a private forum, and at this point, that is all we know.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Alt Right Search Engine

In frustration out of searching broadly for Alt Right topics, I put together a Google Custom Search Engine that features the top fifty or so Alt Right websites. This allows you to search for Alt Right content exclusively without running into the irrelevance keyword spam of the mainstream media.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Political Correctness For SJWs

It has come to the attention of the management that we are experiencing more visits from SJWs, and that these new users often do not know about our standard of respect and compassion for all other forms of life.

In particular, SJWs use certain problematic language that is deeply offensive to members of our community and disenfranchised people here.

Stop Yourself From Using These Abusive Terms

  1. "Triggered." Trigger... does that sound like another word that we should not be saying? If you guessed the N-word, you're right! "Trigger" is a term that White Nationalists use to refer to people of color of African descent. Instead of saying "Triggered," you should use the more empathic term "invaded."

  2. "Raped." In less enlightened times, people talked about rape as a serious crime. Little did they know that in our more scientific and respectful era, "rape" is just one of many crimes that violate human dignity. When you say that "staring at my tits is literal rape," you are implying that all other violations of human dignity are less important, and that is highly insensitive. Say "emotional assault" instead.

  3. "Cultural appropriation." Wow, just wow. I cannot believe that in 2016 we are still revisiting this topic. You do not use the language of oppressors to describe the suffering of the oppressed. The correct term is "Ukwabiwa zamasiko," the closest Zulu equivalent.

  4. Gender. People are still using gender terms in here, and it makes us literally cry our eyes out, which is ruining the keyboards on these MacBook (Pro) laptops. The correct way to use gender is not to use it at all. Be sensitive and use "it" and "its" instead of the anachronistic and discriminatory gender terms.

  5. "Stupid." Do we need to remind you that this term is just another version of the R-word? Bigotry against people for low intelligence is just another form of ableism, which discriminates against people for physical traits they cannot control. If something types something that you think is idiotic, use the term "conservative" instead of out-dated words like "stupid," "moronic," "idiotic" and "insane."

  6. Reality policing. We have seen this egregious destruction of human rights too many times. People, as autonomous and sovereign beings, have the right to perceive the world around them as they see it. When you tell something that "2+2=4," you are implying an absolute and fixed value to your own perspective, which is not their perspective and denies them their civil right to see the world differently. Sometimes, the answer is five, and if you really want equality, you will insist that it is always five so that all visions of reality are accepted.

  7. "Mine" and "Yours." Among the worst invasions of personal respect are these terms for ownership. As you know, the concept of private property ownership came from slavery and marriage, in which people literally owned each other. Instead, say "this thing I am using" or "the place I am living."

Together we can make this blog a more inclusive community for all sentient beings, and usher in a new era of peace and love for humanity. It is up to you to make this happen, and we thank our new SJW friends for their compliance.

Your hosts

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